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For the Women of OUAT

Dedicated to the women of Once Upon A Time
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The women of Once Upon A Time
This is a community for fans of the women of Once Upon A Time. Fic, icons, fanvids, graphics, discussion posts - all are welcome.

Community Rules:

1: Any kind of fan art is welcome, as long as it is centred around any of the women of OUAT in some way. (although the men can be featured)

2: Promoting other communities is fine as long as they are OUAT-related. Multi-fandom fic exchanges etc. are fine as long as OUAT is an option in the exchange.

3: Please do not bash any characters or actors.

4: All spoilers to be behind a LJ cut,

5: Ditto for any large graphics. If you're posting icons, the maximum teaser is 3 icons before the LJ-cut link.

6: Fics to be either behind a cut or a link to your journal. Please also provide accurate warnings if applicable. Gen, het, femslash and OT3 all welcomed.

7: No flaming please.

8: Think that's enough rules now, so I'll close by saying Have fun!

Affiliates: the_apple_ouat, thecharmings, disney_pocs